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Founded in 2019 777 Casting Management recognises the need for a personal touch to talent management in the constant evolving fashion industry. As one of the most successful mother agency's in London, 777 is thorough with the education and protection to its talents, preparing them extensively for global opportunities. Through personalised 1-to-1 management, the agency prioritises three key principles: Reliability, Knowledge, and Relationships. These fundamentals empower talents to excel across the major fashion markets worldwide. The agency's mission is to cultivate the next generation of supermodels who embody a fresh feel of energy and integrity. At 777, we proudly hold the distinction of being the first agency to successfully place the first male curve model in Milan, which created a new path for other curve models within the Milan market. Breaking barriers and expanding representation in the fashion industry is our mission. Additionally, we have the honour of being the first agency to globally place Afghan Sikh super model Karanjee Singh, further championing diversity and inclusion on a worldwide scale. These achievements exemplify our commitment to pioneering new standards and embracing the unique talents of individuals from all backgrounds.


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